Our Services

Schellenberg Relationship Therapy


My therapy can help with all aspects of being an athlete such as, but not limited to, athletic performance, injuries, concentration, focus, and retirement.


Having worked with abuse victims my whole career, I have developed extensive experience working with sex abuse victims and physical and emotional abuse victims.  A person is not defined by their abuse but how they become victorious over the trauma.

 Weight Loss

Losing weight with EMDR therapy allows for the body’s natural defense mechanisms to lose weight.  Imagine losing weight without the annoying diet or exercise.


Depression is another issue that I use EMDR and CBT to address.  Depression can have many causes in a person’s life. I find the core issues or major triggers that bring on depression.  My goal for people who suffer from depression is to develop positive coping skills and a positive belief system without medication.


My goal is to get the person through the grief cycle as painlessly as possible so the person can avoid what is called “complicated grief.”  I also want to help the person make positive decisions while in the grief cycle in an attempt to avoid adding more emotional pain.

 Interpersonal Relationships

I have extensive experience working with couples and family therapy.  I use EMDR and CBT to help bring a couple back together by improving their communication skills, coaching how to argue in a fair and productive manner while serving as moderator.  The same technique is used with full family therapy.


I help break the false belief that holding on to an unneeded object will bring safety. I then use EMDR to implement positive beliefs along with coping skills to the underlining anxiety that causes the hoarding behavior.