Losing the Emotional Weight

Losing the Emotional Weight

Trying to lose weight can be an emotional and physical roller coaster ride with painful twists and turns at every corner.  If you have tried diet and exercise and still struggle with your weight, then the problem may not be a physical problem, but a deeper problem.   A weight problem can be an emotional issue and all the dieting and exercising in world will not cure it.

To understand this concept first understand the fight or flight defense mechanism.  When in danger the body makes a split second decision to fight or flight a danger.  If a person has a long term emotional problem then the brain can interpret that issue as a danger.  If there is a constant danger present in every day life, the brain may be reacting by inducing the fight instinct.

It is possible that a person’s fight defense mechanism can cause the body to bulk up.  If this is the case, then dieting and exercise will not decrease weight because the subconscious will not allow the body to become vulnerable.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) will many times help heal the emotional wound that the subconscious perceives as a threat.  Also, EMDR can work with the subconscious to induce the “flight instinct” which may cause the body to shed any extra weight in order flee the perceived danger.  EMDR will use the body’s natural defense mechanisms to attain the results a person desires.

So, if physical activity or dieting is not getting the desired results, maybe it’s time to stimulate the subconscious defense mechanisms to attain the desired weight.  EMDR therapy may be the answer to a new you.

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